Donald Trump: The Object of Hatred and Protests
By: Derrick P. Rodgers

During our time of prayer for the nation one Sunday, I received this word.

While Donald Trump is the object of hatred and protest from the global and domestic community, it is important to understand that they simply just don’t hate him for the sake of him, but it is their disdain for that which is righteous. They are not protesting him as much as they are protesting what he is defending and standing for which causes him to become the target.

With continued attacks from both, major political parties, the judicial branch, the media, global leaders, special interest groups, religious groups, educational institutions, and Hollywood, you wonder how someone like this could become president. When God wants someone in authority, it doesn’t matter who’s against them.

Now, I’m not here to debate your political positions or the perfection/or lack thereof of Donald Trump. I’m simply attempting to amplify the spiritual connotation of this person being placed into office. It is my persuasion that Donald Trump was placed in office for two primary reasons. One is: because of the prayers of the saints and two is: to buy America some time to repent.

The following items below are some of the main issues that are generating the hatred and unified global protests:

1. the refusal of allowing Islamic terrorism to establish a foothold in the United States,
2. the defense of Christianity in this country and around the world,
3. the defense of the nation of Israel,
4. the defense of protecting life by stopping abortion, and
5. the willingness to stop the violence and carnage in our inner cities.

While Donald Trump himself may or may not understand the spiritual implications of his choices, those of mature spiritual insight can clearly discern and see the bigger picture of what’s taking place in the spirit realm. Let us pray for the president, that he will govern according to God’s designed will for this nation and the global community.