By: Derrick P. Rodgers

Many churches and leaders host conferences and meetings every year, making claims that revival is breaking out in their meetings. You hear the redundant revival clichés time and time again, “come out to revival tonight,” “three days of revival,” “the great awakening and revival” and they always tell you that “you don’t want to miss it” as if that is the last move of God on earth. This kind of revival language has been used to pander to the masses and beckon the crowds to assemble for the next great move. Regrettably, many with itchy ears flock to the call in hopes of hearing some self empowering, self centered message.

I am aware that some participate in this activity because they love to practice tradition, whereas others make claims of revival because of the lust and “ambitious obsession” to be recognized as the next great revivalist.

Focusing and becoming obsessed on the next big revival can and has opened the door to the rise of false prophets. This uncanny, contagious obsession for revival has been a gateway for false patterns of ministry to be installed in the church and assimilated among the congregation of the saints. Because of this eager appetite to experience revival, many have bought into “bizarre movements,” packaged with truth, lies, error, and strange fire for the consumption of the saints, which many times is referred to as revival.

Because of this type of thrust for revival; mysticism, myths, fables, seduction, divination, and witchcraft can easily maneuver its way into the structure of the church when we become impulsive, super ambitious and closed minded to simplicity.

How about we focus on things Jesus and the scriptures teaches us to focus on. Such as: discipleship, setting the captive free, feeding and caring for the sheep, establishing sound doctrine, preaching and teaching the gospel of the Kingdom, perfecting the saints, caring for the poor, loving one another, and casting out devils, just to name a few.

I know the above list may not come across as some “great movement” that will attract the masses, but it is “sound biblical instruction” that moves us towards advancing Gods purposes.

When we forfeit the simplicity of the Kingdom in pursuit of revival or some supernatural experience, we position ourselves to become susceptible to getting caught in a web of deception. Let me speak for the record, I believe in the supernatural power of God.

However, I’m simply saying to abort the simplicity of the kingdom to pursue claims of revival with selfish and ambitious motives, opens the church up to false doctrine, false patterns of ministry and severe error for the most part.

The Simplicity and sound wisdom of the word of God provides checks and balances that can navigate us through any supernatural experiences or claims of revival. To blindly accept most or even all claims of revival without authenticating it, measuring it to the word of God and comparing it to the overall context of Gods patterns of operation, will most likely lead to deception. Let’s be sober and allow the Fathers’ Holy Word and His authorized patterns of ministry to judge any claims of revival.

Hold fast and follow the pattern of wholesome and sound teaching which you have heard from me, in [all] the faith and love which are [for us] in Christ Jesus. Guard and keep [with the greatest care] the precious and excellently adapted [Truth] which has been entrusted [to you], by the [help of the] Holy Spirit Who makes His home in us.

—2 Timothy 1:13, 14