Identifying the Root of Bitterness

“Bitterness is something that is painful and often comes upon people as a result of unfair treatment, unjust means or the perception of feeling mistreated. It constructs its self upon the pillars of un-forgiveness and resentment.
Identifying the Root of Bitterness is a guide to deliverance from bitterness. It provides a process of deliverance that will award genuine freedom.
Identifying the Root of Bitterness is not only a guide to deliverance from bitterness, but a strategic evangelistic resource for the non-Christian.
The objective of this book is to provide some instruction that would cause people that are challenged with bitterness to identify the common sources and its symptoms and obtain
deliverance. The instruction is also provided as guide to equip Kingdom Believers to assist others to obtain deliverance from bitterness”.

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Deceive Proof the Tribe

This book is good for:

  • Leadership Development
  • Congregational Bible Study
  • Personal Development

Deceive Proof the Tribe is beneficial to every leader on every level that functions within the local church. It provides elevated sight into some of the most insidious traps of Jezebel that attempts to seduce the congregation of the saints. The biblical principles of the Word of God within relations to “Deceive Proof the Tribe” equip the saints to guard against any personal attacks that may be leveled at them to seduce them into captivity. “Deceive Proof the Tribe” provides simplistic understanding as to how the spirit of Jezebel and the spirit of slavery operates to ill-filtrate the church. “Deceive Proof the Tribe” arms the believer with instruction that will help structure new paradigms of prophetic intercession that is sure to dismantle the operation of the powers of darkness.

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The Signs of Modern Day False Prophets “What they don’t want you to know”

This book is good for all:

  • Bible study groups
  • Emerging leaders training courses
  • Personal study

This book in its simplistic format is beneficial to all believers. Saints can be equipped to identify the signs of modern-day false prophets and not fall prey to their deceptive practices. Many are unknowingly trending towards the world of false prophets. This book “The Signs of Modern-Day False Prophets” can be a valuable resource to help adjust the alignment and inaccurate structures that have been embraced over time. This book is a must capture for emerging leaders.

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Mobilizing Leadership

Mobilizing Leadership provides practical and actionable steps toward creating a culture within the local church that supports and nurtures leaders. Mobilizing Leadership also includes visual illustrations that identify the basic functions of five-fold ministry that operates both inside and outside the local church.

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