“Identifying the Root of Bitterness” is Now Available

Identifying the Root of Bitterness is a guide to deliverance from bitterness. It provides a process of deliverance that will award genuine freedom.

Bitterness is something that is painful and often comes upon people as a result of unfair treatment, unjust means or the perception of feeling mistreated. It constructs itself upon the pillars of un-forgiveness and resentment.

Identifying the Root of Bitterness is not only a guide to deliverance from bitterness, but a strategic evangelistic resource for the non-Christian.

The objective of this book is to provide some instruction that would enable people that are challenged with bitterness to identify the common sources and its symptoms and obtain deliverance. The instruction is also provided as guide to equip Kingdom Believers to assist others to obtain deliverance from bitterness.

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