By: Derrick P. Rodgers
1. When you are afraid to take a vacation with your family, because you cannot miss church. You must obtain permission.

2. You cannot take your spouse on a date during the weekend or day’s church is in session.

3. You cannot speak to or fellowship with anyone who left the church including family members.

4. You cannot interact with individuals on social media that the pastor doesn’t approve of.

5. You cannot fellowship with other congregations or saints outside the plantation.

6. When one spouse is turned against the other one by the pastor to control the marriage.

7. When you miss a service during the week because you had to work, you are reprimanded.

8. When you feel depressed every week after leaving church, and have suicidal thoughts.

9. When the leader is obsessed with the need to be recognized all the time.

10. You are made to feel un-loyal and out of the will God when you are unable to give a certain amount in the offering.