By: Derrick P. Rodgers
The reality TV show “Preachers of LA” is one of the most, if not the most, dangerous and lethal forms of mental poison presented to Christians and non-Christians in our generation as of yet. What makes it so dangerous is the cynical and well-mastered presentation to perform Godly exploits bearing polished charisma, with a selfish means to an end. This presentation primarily is offered to the “lesser informed” and “stubborn rebels” for direct consumption, which performs two functions:

• to corrupt the souls of those who partake of this diet and
• to fuel the engines of fame, fortune, celebrity and superstardom that fulfills the desired “means to an end.”

The brazen arrogance of this “cast of wolves” is committing more damage to the minds and souls of men than one can ever imagine. These wolves are so audacious that they are partially shedding their “bootleg sheep’s clothing” and exposing their wolf interior with the intent to mock the church and empower sinners to remain in their dysfunctional lifestyles.

This show is nothing more than an epic performance of “wolf theology” in demonstration for the whole world to behold. It causes some to become discouraged and disillusioned, while enabling some to gravitate closer to the cast practices and causes others to take a more definitive posture for Christ and His word.

Because of the “appeared success” and established influence of these men as Christian leaders, there will be considerable “spiritual collateral damage” that will result, due to the production of this show.

As repeatedly, as some attempt to spin the show as “reaching the loss,” the doublespeak embedded in the language and outright undertaking of the participants nullifies any presentation of an authentic biblical gospel message.

This show justifies, glorifies and promotes everything that God forbids. From infidelity, selfishness, fornication, greed, lust, lasciviousness, and carnality. These are some of the promotional attributes of this show that are polluted with half-truths and flavored with purportedly good deeds. Nonetheless, if it were possible, the very elect would be deceived by the seduction and charismatic witchcraft of the participating heretics.

Although, the hypocrisy is made evident to both Christians and non Christians, there are yet many that profess to be apart of the body of Christ that stand in support of these men while they accumulate scorn and reproach upon the Lord’s Church

God ordained leaders that leave their congregation or audience to consume such deception without communicating the truth of God’s word on the matter can be deemed as co-collaborators. True leaders and saints should speak out against such blasphemy and forewarn as many people as possible to avoid such an encounter of wickedness. Failure to address this mockery of the church can abandon many of the young and old alike to the waste fields to be devoured by this ravenous impartation. Providing this deceitful exposition goes unchallenged along with all of its spiritual crimes, will unequivocally prove more sorrowful for generations to come.

Because with lies you have made the heart of the righteous sad, whom I have not made sad; and you have strengthened the hands of the wicked, so that he does not turn from his wicked way to save his life. (Ezekiel 13:22)

They brag about themselves with empty, foolish boasting. With an appeal to twisted sexual desires, they lure back into sin those who have barely escaped from a lifestyle of deception. (2 Peter 2:18)

These people are grumblers and complainers, living only to satisfy their desires. They brag loudly about themselves, and they flatter others to get what they want. (Jude 1:16)

In their greed they will make up clever lies to get hold of your money. But God condemned them long ago, and their destruction will not be delayed. (2 Peter 2:3)

They have wandered off the right road and followed the footsteps of Balaam son of Beor, who loved to earn money by doing wrong. (2 Peter 2:15)

This is what the Lord says: “You false prophets are leading my people astray! You promise peace for those who give you food, but you declare war on those who refuse to feed you. (Micah 3:5)

You rulers make decisions based on bribes; you priests teach God’s laws only for a price; you prophets won’t prophesy unless you are paid. Yet all of you claim to depend on the Lord. “No harm can come to us,” you say, “for the Lord is here among us.” (Micah 3:11)