20 Characteristics of a True Believer in Christ” is Now Available

In today’s culture it’s paramount to clearly describe and define what a true believer in Jesus Christ looks like from a biblical perspective. Due to the uncanny thrust by some unstable leaders to coexist with Egypt [the world], what may appear to be obvious, clear truth today may not be so clear ten to twenty years from now.

Within the pages of this book are 20 distinct characteristics that provide a well balanced description of a true believer in Christ.

20 Characteristics of a True Believer in Christ is an effective lesson plan and guide for any teacher. It provides simplistic instruction with sound biblical doctrine as the plumb-line. The easy to follow outline provides the class with an competent understanding of what a bible believing Christian looks like.

This book is good for:
• Course Bible Study
• Personal Study
• Emerging Leadership Training

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