By: Derrick P. Rodgers

There are many in the body of Christ who harness the school of thought that the best approach when dealing with potential depletable and hot button issues is to remain silent even when obvious danger arises among the sheep. The notion of confronting wolf theology and false patterns of ministry that are affecting the sheep, has progressively formulated the mentality that “It’s probably best to remain silent, as opposed to running the risk of coming across as confrontational and cantankerous.”

Well, the Lord’s shepherds are called to bark and sound the alarm when apparent danger comes to approach the sheep. Nonetheless, the obsession to party, seek prosperity and the craving for self-empowerment to become bigger and better have emphatically neutralized some shepherds. Their embedded greed, narcissism and addiction to consumerism Christianity within these items has lulled them to sleep, not to mention the gripping trepidation due to the onslaught of rejection that comes from the hostile hybrid climate.

They cannot bark because they are in a catatonic state loving to slumber. What is most delusive is their ability to function as normal, while under the intoxicating influence of false movements such as “the gospel of empowerment” that encourages men to look to their own way and their own gain, which has dulled the understanding of many shepherds. This accelerative seduction has impaired their sight and literally disarmed them to perform as effective watchmen.
As you beasts of the field, come to devour, All you beasts in the forest. His watchmen are blind, They are all ignorant; They are all dumb dogs, They cannot bark; Sleeping, lying down, loving to slumber. Yes, they are greedy dogs Which never have enough. And they are shepherds Who cannot understand; They all look to their own way, Every one for his own gain, From his own territory. “Come,” one says, “I will bring wine, And we will fill ourselves with intoxicating drink; Tomorrow will be as today, And much more abundant.”

—Isaiah 56:9-12