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Within the pages of “Developing Healthy Marriages” we address some of the real life marriage issues that couples deal with.

Developing Healthy Marriages; is a paradigm for a long-lasting marriage relationship.

Materializing a healthy marriage can be defined as both spouses, willing to commit and work together to learn, apply and practice maintaining the principles, ethics and boundaries recognized by the Holy Scriptures.

A Healthy marriage does not mean the marriage will be without conflict and contention. All marriages at some stage will experience dissension. The key is how we respond when challenges arise. You can be sure you will have more than enough opportunities to exercise conflict/contention resolution.

Developing Healthy Marriages is not just for married couples, but also an excellent guide for premarital counseling, engaged couples and individuals that are planning on getting married. All 3 categories can benefit enormously from the instruction within this book.

Additionally, it is an superb resource for Pastors and Teachers to conduct “Marriage Seminars” and “Marriage Sessions” within their churches.

In this Book you will learn the fundamental dynamics of developing a healthy marriage:

-Establishing Boundaries
-Engaging In-Laws
-The Hard Times
-Conflict Resolution
-Submitting One to Another
-Quality Intimacy
-How to Deal with Non Biological Children
-The Process of Deliverance
-And much more…

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Developing Healthy Marriages

Developing Healthy Marriages


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