By: Derrick P. Rodgers

The common distinction between “radical Islam” and “moderate Islam,” is that radical Islam seeks to accomplish the goal of subjugation via violence, guns and bombs, whereas, moderate Islam takes a different approach of accommodating the same goal, by promoting ideology that cultivates an Islamic State. They both aspire to subjugate non-Muslims.

While it’s true that some moderate Muslims reject violence, they do not reject jihad. They only reject the “tactic of violence” to accomplish jihad, not jihad itself.

Both radical Islam and moderate Islam are united in theology; however, they differ in their tactical approach of accomplishing their theological goal.

It’s not the radical paradigm of Islam that we should be exclusively fixated on. While radical Islam should be dealt with, it’s the more stealth form of moderate Islam that we should be concerned about. More often than not, it’s the ones, who hide behind the claims of Islamic phobia that cry discrimination while simultaneously charting a course of ultimate conquest, —when in-fact their plans are much more comprehensive, which includes subjugation of all women and non-Muslims and establishing an elite Islamic State governed by Sharia law.

Both radical Islam and moderate Islam both believe in the same goal of waging jihad to establish a caliphate. The only difference is their tactics towards fulfilling their goal. One believes in violence, bombs and guns and the other one believes in “ideology injection” and “system invasion.” Let us pray that this plan of conquest not only be exposed but completely be dismantled around the world.
BUT ALSO [in those days] there arose false prophets among the people, just as there will be false teachers among yourselves, who will subtly and stealthily introduce heretical doctrines (destructive heresies), even denying and disowning the Master Who bought them, bringing upon themselves swift destruction. [2 Peter 2:1]