Derrick P. Rodgers

Have you ever wondered why some preachers never address or speak out against false prophets? While there are different motivations that drive the silence, the majority of those that refuse to speak out covertly subscribes to similar interests, accompanied with the fear of their reputation being branded. The remaining others that refuse to speak out are simply bound by fear and a spirit of cowardice. 

False Prophets are able to continue in their scandalous activities, candidly, because many other preachers aspire to have the influence and “prosperity” that the false prophets flaunt. 

Too many preachers are silent pertaining to the obvious breaches and direct violations of the Kingdom of God; because reticent preachers yearn to obtain the “things” and “possessions” the false prophets have successfully pilfered from the people. This is why they cannot speak out against them because they are actively pursuing the same response from the people that the false prophets have acquired, all while trying not to be named among them. 

The Lord is going to pronounce judgment on the “prosperity demagogues” who steal from the poor and grind their faces into the dust by continually making false promises of success and blessings. They seek to champion the cause of empowerment to gain power and favor from the people. They crush God’s people with their “surgical emotional tactics” of doctrine that are equivalent to witchery. They generally refuse to preach the truth that will deliver the souls of men, commonly because it does not produce the wealth and success that prosperity demagogues continually lust for. May the Lord’s people arise and vehemently refute the actions and behaviors of the prosperity demagogues.
The LORD comes forward to pronounce judgment on the elders and rulers of his people: “You have ruined Israel, my vineyard. Your houses are filled with things stolen from the poor. How dare you crush my people, grinding the faces of the poor into the dust?” demands the Lord, the LORD of Heaven’s Armies. [Isaiah 3:14-15]