International Brief: “The Uganda Project is officially CLOSED at this time.”

Global Kingdom Humanitarian Initiative

An expression of compassion

Connects with the children and people of Uganda

Global Kingdom Humanitarian Initiative is a sector of Life Giving Ministry that seeks to provide hope and encouragement through social strategic initiatives that produces tangible goods for those who are in most need.

GKHI was birthed out a desire to express the social compassionate dimension of our Lord Christ Jesus. Through partnerships throughout the United States and overseas relationships are developed to establish and express the heart of God via charitable objects beneficial to the global community of mankind as a whole.

Global Kingdom presents the: “Uganda ProjectResourcing Children for a brighter education.

First Home:

1. Global Kingdom visits the Home of a small orphan family and explores their living conditions where they also discover a baby girl which was just dropped at the home by her mother and left for the home care givers to provide for her.

Second Home:

2. Global Kingdom continues to a second orphan home where they will meet a little girl name Patricia who asks the translator in her native language can Treneka one of Global Kingdom team members can she stay with her in her village.

The Church in this region has reached out to the community to do what they can to help the least among them. Pastor Richard explains to Global Kingdom how long the church has been working with the orphans.

The School Facility:

3. Many orphans cannot afford to go to school because of a lack of educational resources: Pastor David tells Global Kingdom about the school facility that the orphans and some of the local kids attend. The Third Home:

Third Home:

4. While heading to the third orphanage home the local kids follows us to the railroad crossing. Upon our arrival to the third home Global Kingdom was shown yet the most difficult visit; the actual grave site of a family that passed with HIV aids, leaving behind a widow with children to care for. Pastor David explains the role of the church that takes care of the widows and orphans.

During our visit to Uganda many orphan children express the need and desire for educational resources, such as basic school supplies and uniforms. Out of the need and desire for the children of Uganda, Global Kingdom Humanitarian Initiative has developed the “Uganda Project” which will support the children of Uganda in their immediate need for educational resources.

The cost measure for the “Uganda Project” would amount to $40. per child for 1 Whole term.

This includes:

  Only $40.  

Will you help us by sponsoring a child? For only $40.

Your donation to help a child in Uganda will go a long way in providing hope and encouragement to a future generation of children. Get involved today and support the children of Uganda. Click below  to donate  and make a difference in the life of a child in need.