Lasciviousness Has Reached The Summit In Our Nation Courts
By: Derrick P. Rodgers

Lasciviousness has reached the highest level in our courts and they are going to legislate and sanction the acts of abomination. History will record this as a gross miscarriage of legislation that will release a scathing encroachment on morality as never seen before, which will affect generations for years to come with global repercussions.

Why is our Judicial system calling evil good while at the same time denigrating Gods institution of marriage which is between a man and a woman?

Why is it that our media coerce and manipulates religious organizations into ratifying the Homosexual lifestyle as an alternative lifestyle? Why do they strike and fierce-fully attempt to ruin the life of anyone who speaks publicly opposing the LGBT agenda? This includes ruining their career in a pejorative context as well as assassinating their character.

Why are politicians spinning this issue as an issue of equality and civil rights?

Why are Businesses and Corporations accentuating support for the rainbow stripes?

We the Church cannot abdicate total responsibility by simply blaming systems and even demons. This has taken place in our nation partially because many of Gods watchmen have fallen asleep or have joined forces with Baal.

While some in the church have been busy chasing personal destiny, prosperity and breakthrough for the past 15 years or so, the enemy has built a wicked fortress of immorality in our nation and many of us have turned a deaf ear and/or justified the practice of sin in order to construct large congregations or rub shoulders with Baal Representatives to obtain financial rewards along with “self interest influence.”

Now we find ourselves contending with a strongman that is deliberately calculating a Godless, antichrist generation that will relentlessly attempt to defend their deception.

The resolution to these issues will not come without self-denial and sacrifice. There is a great need to recognize the error of our way and not only repent, but to call eagerly on God for an awakening and release of “Righteous Theology” to stabilize the Church and to judge the wicked and rebellious systems in our nation.

It is notable to embrace Godly soberness and avoid at all cost the seduction of being seduced into positioning ourselves on the so called “right side of history” to only find ourselves opposing “God’s side of eternity.”

The Pride of life, lust of the flesh, lust of the eye and mental idol worship… smells horrendous in the nostrils of a Holy God (I John 2:16)

Let us return to righteous living and fully obey the Holy God of Israel.

Generations are at stake.