Bitterness is something that is painful and often comes upon people as a result of unfair treatment, unjust means or the perception of feeling mistreated. It constructs itself upon the pillars of un-forgiveness and resentment.

Most people if not all, have or will experience some form of bitterness in their lifetime. Whether it is a mild case of bitterness measuring to a severe case, the results of unfair treatment have left a bitter taste upon our lips. The key is having the ability to process through the bitterness and obtain genuine deliverance.

And I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.

—Matthew 16:19
Prayer for Marriages
Father, in the name of Jesus, I present my marriage to you. Lord, I pray that you will stretch forth your hand of grace and mercy and anoint my marriage. Cause your principles to rule and govern my marriage. Deliver me from all roots of bitterness that are affecting my marriage. Father, I repent and ask for forgiveness for harboring grudges, bitterness, and pride. I renounce and fall out of agreement with all sin and rebellion. Lord, I humble myself before you and I ask that you provide me with mature wisdom, revelation, and understanding.

Father, I pray that you will sever every illegal soul-tie that has developed in any past or present relationships. Restore my emotions to be whole again that I may commit myself emotionally to my spouse. I choose to forgive all persons (names) that have hurt or mistreated me. Lord, heal my wounded heart and cause me to place my faith and confidence in your grace. Take away the desire to seek revenge. Remove all anger, rage and isolation. Cause me to trust and fellowship freely again. Father, I pray for wisdom, integrity, and authentic sincerity to be placed in my heart.

I cancel every attack of the enemy against my marriage. I command marriage breaking spirits to flee and their influence to be broken. I call down every spirit of sabotage, separation and divorce to come down off of its assignment in Jesus name. By the power of the Holy Spirit, I severe and renounce all ungodly soul-ties from past relationships. I cast out all spirits of hurt and deep hurt in past relationships.

Father, I free myself from any fear, torment or intimidation from past relationships. Lord, I pray that angels will be released to war on my behalf. I annihilate the spirit of insecurity, extreme and unhealthy jealousy. I bind all forms of witchcraft and mind control that work to undermine my marriage. I bind spirits of contention, and chronic arguing, I pray, Lord, that these spirits completely cease it’s operation. I disable spirits of confusion and misunderstanding. Lord, I ask that you release clarity and the ability to effectively communicate.

Father, with your anointing I pull down mindsets of false love and false humility that may work in me or my spouse in Jesus’ name. I cast out spirits of lust, uncleanness, fornication, adultery, homosexuality and pornography.

Lord, I ask that you will deliver me from all sexual abuse, physical abuse, infidelity, and betrayal. I destroy and renounce every root of bitterness. Father set me free from the bondage and torment of these experiences. Lord, I ask that you will restore my fragmented soul. I bind up spirits of confusion and I command them to come down of its assignment.

I break every ungodly covenant with sin and the participation with the experience. I bind spirits of rejection that come through corrupt language: I don’t love you; I hate you; I wish I never married you; this was a mistake; I’m sorry I ever let you in my life; I can’t stand you, my mama was right; you were not the one; I want an abortion; I command every corrupt word to dry up and cease. I repent for speaking or thinking any of these words or similar words over my marriage. I renounce every spirit of rejection, fear, failure, and disappointment that attempt to attach itself to me. I choose to forgive my spouse for any corrupt language that has been spoken or thought in Jesus’ name.

Father, by your grace, I drive out spirits of anger, violence, bitterness, un-forgiveness madness, physical and verbal abuse. I renounce and reject spirits of pride and the refusal to acknowledge my spouse. I curse the spirit of Jezebel and Ahab that attempt to govern my marriage in Jesus’ name.

Lord, I pray that you give us wisdom over our finances. I cast down spirits of strife, confusion, greed, selfishness, lust, worry, stress, fear, and disorder. Help us Lord to start and continue to acknowledge you with our tithe and offerings. I loose my marriage from sadness and contention that is connected to the lack of or mismanagement of finances.

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