Bitterness is something that is painful and often comes upon people as a result of unfair treatment, unjust means or the perception of feeling mistreated. It constructs itself upon the pillars of un-forgiveness and resentment.

Most people if not all, have or will experience some form of bitterness in their lifetime. Whether it is a mild case of bitterness measuring to a severe case, the results of unfair treatment have left a bitter taste upon our lips. The key is having the ability to process through the bitterness and obtain genuine deliverance.

And I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.

—Matthew 16:19
I plead the blood of Jesus over my marriage and decree the will and word of God over my marriage. I speak life and restoration to my marriage. I decree unity and oneness between my spouse and me. Father, I pray that you draw us closer together. I decree that our marriage will grow and develop and represent you and your Kingdom.

I decree and prophesy health, security, and prosperity over my marriage in Jesus’ name. I release the angels of the Lord to guard and protect my marriage from evil influences. I loose love, joy, peace, freedom, humility, and refreshing over my marriage. I decree and establish that the spirit of wisdom, revelation, understanding and humility will be foundational pillars of my marriage.

Father, I decree my marriage to be sanctified and full of God’s kind of love. I choose to be healed and delivered. I submit to God’s will, ways, and process. I decree Jesus to be Lord over my marriage. I confess, I can do nothing without Christ Jesus. I choose to forgive and let go of any and all past hurts, pain, and disappointments. I declare my mind to be healed and transformed into the mind of Christ.

I pray the Lord’s strength to flood my mind, will, and emotions. I decree stabilization to my emotions and command my mind to conform to the mind of Christ. I humble myself and repent from any and all wrong thinking pertaining to my marriage. I release the life of God’s word into every hard and dry place in my marriage.

I decree restoration, patience, and fruitfulness to my marriage. Lord, I thank you for hearing my prayers and moving on our behalf. I pray that much unity, wisdom, and effective communication will come to our finances. Cause us to be good stewards and managers over our finances and resources that you place in our care. Lord, provide us with basic strategies to manage our finances. Help us Lord to operate in self-control, maturity, and patience. Lord, I trust in you to deliver us and completely set us free. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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